£35m investment to support walking, cycling and public transport including new e-cargo bike sharing scheme

Westminster City Council are investing £35M to support active travel and sustainable transport employing a new e-cargo bike sharing scheme by improving infrastructure and safety for journeys by public transport, foot and cycle. This scheme is being rolled out as a part of the council’s Fairer Environment target of becoming a net zero council by 2030 and a net zero city by 2040. Notable highlights include the following:

    • Implementing five new School Streets per year
    • 400 new cycle stand spaces per year
    • 1000 new secure residential cycle spaces over the next year
    • 15km of new or upgraded cycle lanes
    • 100 new dropped kerbs to make our streets more accessible for all
    • A £2m annual program of pavement renewals to maintain the high quality of Westminster’s footways
    • Increased investment in the redesign of dangerous junctions across the borough to reduce casualties, especially for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles and mopeds.
    • A city-wide network of parking bays for rental dockless e-bikes and rental e-scooters to keep our pavements clear of improperly parked vehicles, and continued enforcement against dangerous pavement obstructions of all kinds
    • Two-way cycling on 20 more one-way streets by the end of 2025
    • Bus priority and performance improvements at a number of key pinch points
    • Trial new, innovative ways to reduce the impact of freight, servicing and deliveries


Do let us know any suggestions for locations for more bike parking, new pavement, junctions that need improving and so on by emailing mike.fairmaner@fitzroviapartnership.com and we will make proposals to the City Council.

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