A successful, vibrant and thriving area for business and a destination of choice for employees and the wider community

Fitzrovia is the creative cornerstone of the West End. It is home to international head offices of digital, creative and the built-environment industries and is where exciting independent businesses sit alongside flagship stores. Fitzrovia is a welcoming and vibrant place to work, live and visit. 

The area sits under two boroughs (Camden) and (Westminster). Over the past decade, Fitzrovia (Camden) has enjoyed the additional services provided by The Fitzrovia Partnership, a Business Improvement District (BID).

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These include services such as waste and street cleaning services; additional security through street wardens; co-ordinating sustainability targets and programmes; reducing business costs; acting as a collective voice to protect and shape the area whilst lobbying on behalf of businesses; promoting the area as a destination of choice for employees, residents and visitors.

We have submitted a draft Business Plan to Westminster City Council to extend these enhanced services across Fitzrovia.

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Supporting Fitzrovia’s priorities

Through collaboration and engagement with the community, The Fitzrovia Partnership can support the district’s priorities, offering tangible and collective benefits.

We have spoken with many local businesses and associations in West Fitzrovia and have identified the following priorities:

  1. Voice and Representation 

  2. ESG (Economic / Social / Governance)

  3. Environment and Place

  4. Reducing Costs

  5. Insights

  6. Promotion and Communication

Voice and Representation

The Fitzrovia Partnership is recognised as a representative voice of Fitzrovia business. It serves as a focus for bringing together and allowing a two-way dialogue between its members and a range of local, London and national bodies, and this will be expanded to include Westminster City Council. 

The West Fitzrovia BID will be a catalyst to encourage public and private sector partners, working together to support and invest in projects that will enhance Fitzrovia and ensure that the district continues to evolve and thrive.

The power of partnership extends beyond business and government. The BID actively engages with other elements of the Fitzrovia community so that projects are selected and designed with input from, and a clear understanding of residents’ interests and those of other nearby institutions and organisations. The Fitzrovia Partnership ensures that the history and heritage of the area is respected in the approach.


ESG (Economic / Social / Governance)

COVID-19 and climate change have made us realise that we are not masters of our planet but rather stewards of nature. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) has taken on a greater significance in recent years. Sustainability will be at the heart of everything we do and deliver for Fitzrovia during the BID term. How we do business in Fitzrovia can make a difference to the Carbon Net Zero and wider sustainability agenda.

The Fitzrovia Partnership will seek to assist members achieve these important targets through its collaborative work in the district and will promote the adoption of quality employment practices such as the London Living Wage to businesses and contribute to the Council’s Fairer Westminster Strategy. With our members and partners, we will help West Fitzrovia build a more sustainable and resilient future

Environment and Place

This theme encompasses day-to-day public realm management services to improve the appearance and safety of the area whilst supporting businesses in moving towards net zero.  Working with our sister BID, The Fitzrovia Partnership and the Neighbourhood Forum, the aim is to make the whole of Fitzrovia a sustainable neighbourhood.

Heightened awareness of sustainability is affecting consumers’ purchasing choices. Businesses are increasingly selecting property location based on the environmental performance of a building as rising commodity prices and supply chain uncertainties affect business performance and viability. There is a strong business case for migrating to sustainable ways of operating across the whole of Fitzrovia.

Reducing costs

Increasing costs continue to challenge business in Fitzrovia. Through specialist and sustainable procurement and economies of scale, we will provide added value and tangible savings to help meet members’ economic, social and environmental ambitions. 

The call to action to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for Fitzrovia ahead of the Mayor of London’s 2030 goal made us review the cost of waste companies to the area. There are currently more than 50 waste and recycling companies operating in the West End. Each one makes at least one daily collection. The additional vehicle congestion and resulting pollution resulted in us implementing a sustainable approach for the area through a robust tender process. Preferred suppliers were selected based on their environmental and economic credentials for business waste and recycling services. This scheme will be rolled out to West Fitzrovia businesses to reduce the number of waste vehicles and secure discounted rates for businesses.


To support the success of Fitzrovia businesses across the neighbourhood we are constantly evolving our approach to data-driven performance – capturing, publishing and utilising information to help inform our members work and business decisions.

We will deliver insights to support members in West Fitzrovia, enhance customers experiences, attract visitors and investment, showcase the impact of our work programmes, evidence our advocacy and measure our overall impact.

Our communications programme will provide regular updates of relevant news and business insight for members together with a programme of networking and business insight events.

We want businesses in West Fitzrovia to be equipped to perform at their optimum every day – and to assist that the BID seeks to provide business members with tools, guidance and support they need to thrive.

Promotion and communications

The Fitzrovia Partnership has a broad communications and events programme that is free to use for member businesses.  All businesses in Fitzrovia are featured on our consumer website, www.enjoyfitzrovia.co.uk. We promote and communicate to targeted audiences, from local business owners to employees, to the local community to visitors to Fitzrovia. 

Our events, business collaborations and promotional programmes will grow into West Fitzrovia with bespoke offers for member organisations, making the area a fun and vibrant place to be. 

How you can get involved

Read the draft Business Plan

Read the draft Business Plan which details our priorities and proposed activities for West Fitzrovia.

Be part of the steering group

If you own a business in West Fitzrovia and would like to be part of the steering group, please let us know.

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To receive weekly enewsletters of key business news and what’s happening in the area. 

Key priorities

Improving air quality

Fewer carbon emissions

Increased recycling

Less traffic

Reducing business cost

A vibrant community

Secure and safe

Clean and green