A successful, vibrant and thriving area for business and a destination of choice for employees and the wider community

Fitzrovia is the creative cornerstone of the West End. It is home to international head offices of digital, creative and the built-environment industries and is where exciting independent businesses sit alongside flagship stores. Fitzrovia is a welcoming and vibrant place to work, live and visit. 

The area sits under two boroughs (Camden) and (Westminster). Over the past decade, Fitzrovia (Camden) has enjoyed the additional services provided by The Fitzrovia Partnership, a Business Improvement District (BID).

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These include services such as waste and street cleaning services; additional security through street wardens; co-ordinating sustainability targets and programmes; reducing business costs; acting as a collective voice to protect and shape the area whilst lobbying on behalf of businesses; promoting the area as a destination of choice for employees, residents and visitors.

The Partnership is now exploring the possibility of extending these enhanced services across all of Fitzrovia.

Supporting Fitzrovia’s priorities

Through collaboration and engagement with the community, The Fitzrovia Partnership can support the district’s priorities, offering tangible and collective benefits.

We have spoken with many local businesses and associations in West Fitzrovia and have identified the following priorities:

  1. Environment and Place

  2. Security and Resilience

  3. Sustainability

  4. Reducing Costs

  5. Voice and Representation

  6. Marketing, Promotion and Events

Environment and Place

Alongside air quality and pollution, rubbish and fly-tipping is always a priority in central London. Initiatives could include a dedicated environmental resource working with the council and waste and recycling companies, the provision of additional street cleaning. 

Security and Resilience

Safety and security are a key priority in Fitzrovia (Camden) with The Fitzrovia Partnership a signature of the Women’s Night Safety Charter.  Additional resources for West Fitzrovia could include a patrolling security team, forums with the police, incidents and alerts messaging, an area wide resilience plan.


Economic, environmental and social sustainability objectives can be co-ordinated across an area by looking at provisions for waste and recycling, carbon free logistics and couriers, local procurement and carbon offsetting. 

Reducing Costs

By collective purchasing, costs can be reduced on a wide range of business services, including waste collection, utility bills, training and office supplies. The Fitzrovia Partnership operates the most successful BID savings programme in the UK with savings of more than £4.5million achieved for businesses.

Voice and Representation

Having a collective voice on issues that matter to the community through having a good working relationship with the local authorities. This may include the local policing teams, local councils, Mayor of London, TfL as well as advocating on your behalf with local and national government on critical issues. 
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Marketing, promotion, events

There are many marketing opportunities through our communication platforms (website, emarketing, social media) events such as food and drink fayres and the loyalty scheme. We bring businesses together connecting Camden and Westminster Fitzrovia and promote locally and to a wider London and visitor audience. 

How you can get involved

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Be part of the steering group

If you own a business in West Fitzrovia and would like to be part of the steering group, please let us know.

Be part of the communications

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Key priorities

Improving air quality

Fewer carbon emissions

Increased recycling

Less traffic

Reducing business cost

A vibrant community

Secure and safe

Clean and green