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I welcome the formation of the new West Fitzrovia Business Improvement District, which will use expert knowledge to further connect businesses to those who use the area.

Amy Lamé, Night Czar,
Greater London Authority

From its inception as a Business Improvement District (BID) in 2012, The Fitzrovia Partnership has embraced its members and the wider business community through a shared vision for the Camden part of Fitzrovia. In July 2022, members voted 96% in favour of the BID maintaining its role for a third term to deliver its mandate.

Over the past decade, The Fitzrovia Partnership has provided a formal mechanism to provide enhanced leverage, investment, sustainability, profile, operational and promotional activity, scale, and budget to the overall management of Camden Fitzrovia. It is now time to extend these benefits to businesses and the wider community in West Fitzrovia by establishing a BID on the Westminster side of the borough boundary.

Image of Fiona Clark

Fiona Clark

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Steve Ford

Our ambition is to provide a seamless set of services across Fitzrovia and the borough boundary. Businesses have told us that they want to see an improved environment, cleaner, greener, and safer streets, whilst championing sustainability at the neighbourhood level. We have an important leadership role to play in this and will place sustainability at the heart of our organisation and behind activities in Fitzrovia to encourage collaboration between business to drive added-value solutions for the area. This will mean leading campaigns on behalf of members that reduce the environmental impacts of conducting business, whilst improving the economic and social sustainability for businesses and other stakeholders.

This Business Plan is West Fitzrovia’s £4 million, five-year programme of investment to enhance the sustainability and physical presence of the area and the range of services required to ensure that it looks and feels safe, clean and welcoming for everyone.

The West Fitzrovia BID will provide strategic context for business. It will galvanize the business community, statutory authorities, particularly the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum with who we anticipate working closely, and wider stakeholders with a common vision for the district and generate an enhanced income stream to benefit the whole area in terms of service provision. It will provide the businesses with the ability to influence and help shape the future of Fitzrovia.

Continued investment in Fitzrovia is not just good for businesses but for everyone who works, lives, visits, and stays in the district. If businesses vote ‘yes’, this Business Plan will guide both the West Fitzrovia activities and the neighbourhood wide activities of The Fitzrovia Partnership.

In everything we do, we will continue to be ambitious, embracing the changes taking place whilst protecting the essence of what makes the whole of Fitzrovia a great place to be. We will continue to develop our work with partners and ensure that our Westminster businesses benefit from a vibrant and commercially successful destination of choice.